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Our New You Detox package is just what you need to start fresh. If you’re looking to kick a habit and kick start a new healthier regime then this is the package for you. Tailor made to suit your personal goals and budget, our team of experts will recommend an effective blend of exercise classes, products and treatments that will help you to achieve your detox goal.
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Weight Loss

Lose weight and tone up!
Yoganation is the perfect place to achieve your weight-loss and body toning goals. With a broad range of fun, intense, high calorie burning classes on offer from beginner to expert level, an in-house life coach available for professional advice on goal setting and a naturpathic nutritionist, we can support you through the entire process.
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Hot Yoga is mentally challenging for athletes of all abilities due to the testing hot conditions created in the ‘Heat Chamber’. It’s no wonder why Andy Murray turned to Hot Yoga. Murray’s trainers suggested he try the classes, which last a gruelling 90 minutes in a room heated to 40C, in preparation for the Australian Open. To his delight, he found that it improved not only hisRead more

Injury Rehab

Yoga supports the natural healing functions that are already instinctively performed by your body. When you injure yourself, the muscles around the injury can become very tense. Yoga helps to reduce pain and discomfort by warming and relaxing muscles and ligaments to ease this tension.

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Stress Relief

Relax With Yoga
Dating back over 5000 years, yoga is the oldest defined practice of deep relaxation and self development. The methods of classical yoga include ethical disciplines, physical postures, breathing control and meditation.

Many of the popular techniques found to reduce stress derive from yoga. Read more

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